Local Group interest in Developing Collective to Lease the Dankse Bank Building after it is Vacated in May.

Since the Danske Bank's recent closure announcement it has been sugested by several people that the council should acquire the building to enable it to establish a prominent gateway facility for tourist and visitors in the heart of the town. Many people felt that the existing tourism office prently located in Quay street, is just too inconspicuous and out of the way to be useful. 

The Danske Bank Building (formerly the Northern Bank) was for much of its history a municipal building which performed several social functions throughout its existance. 

The Ward Male Female & Infant School - c1890

The building (c1820) was originally a Market place and a Courthouse, then a Schooolhouse (c 1890) and in 1933 it became Bangor's Town Hall until 1952 when it was sold to the Belfast Banking Company later to become the Northern Bank and finally the Dankse Bank.

Note: Hamilton Road Parish Church now has its Spire

Ray McKimm (Independent Councillor) has proposed that the building be returned for public use as a Tourist Information Office. 
He visualises a thriving hub centrally placed in the town providing employment to local residents as guides and a place to show-case the best of our local creativity.

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