From Parking Bay to "PARKLET"

The Big Recovery Plan for Bangor Town Centre:

Ards and North Down Borough Council in collaboration with the Bangor Town Advisory Group have produced a substantial new plan to take Bangor forward from the woes of 2020.
The aim is to encourage a sense of community by creating safe social spaces for people to meet, eat and drink in relative shelter and comfort. The concept has already been floated in several UK cities including Belfast with great success.
As well as the parking bay “parklets” the McKee Clock Plaza will also see permanent new canopies with tables and chairs seating up to 50 people
It is proposed that the lower end of Crosby Street will be pedestrianised to accommodate a more substantial hospitality space.
The space adjacent to the Guillemot Cafe will see a revamp to accommodate permanent al fresco drinking & dining.

High Street


Lower High Street is essentially occupied by hospitality outlets so it is a perfect place to accomodate visitors in an outdoor setting.


Abbey Street


Abbey Street has a range of cafes and licensed restaurants overlooking pleasent parklands. It has a carpark and a wide pavements on the south side so plenty of space for everyone.

Upper Abbey Street (the Gateway to the town centre) has a mixture of restaurants, cafes, retail and services but often lacks footfall. It is hoped that a parklet may help to reanimate the area.

The Old Quarter - Harbourside




              Crosby Street Social Seating



Plans are in progress to improve the pedestrianisation of the Harbour Quarter.
Holborn Square will see a change of use from a car-park to a market square with large canopies to provide all season utility.



It is propsed that lower Crosby Street will become pedestrian only with a new social space created to accomodate the local bars and cafes.



The McKee Clock Plaza

The centre of the town, visable from it's two main streets and the centre for events and entertainment all year round. The addition of Parasols and shelters will increase its appeal in all weathers.



New Bicycle Lockers


New bicycle lockers to be installed at the combined rail and bus station in Abbey Street and also at the

McKee Clock Arena to encourage greener ways to visit the town.


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